OrthancException.h:86] Bad type for a parameter


I am querying Orthanc archive using dicom interface and I get following error message and the query fails:

I0604 05:40:27.687058 OrthancFindRequestHandler.cpp:603] (0008,0052) QueryRetrieveLevel = IMAGE
I0604 05:40:27.687079 OrthancFindRequestHandler.cpp:603] (0010,0020) PatientID = test2195
I0604 05:40:27.687099 OrthancFindRequestHandler.cpp:612] (0008,114a) ReferencedInstanceSequence : sequence tag whose content will be copied
I0604 05:40:27.687114 OrthancFindRequestHandler.cpp:612] (0040,0275) RequestAttributesSequence : sequence tag whose content will be copied
I0604 05:40:27.687131 OrthancFindRequestHandler.cpp:612] (0407,10a1) Unknown Tag & Data : sequence tag whose content will be copied
I0604 05:40:27.687501 ServerContext.cpp:938] Number of candidate resources after fast DB filtering on main DICOM tags: 1
I0604 05:40:27.687692 FilesystemStorage.cpp:155] Reading attachment “a232244d-7020-4d78-b7e0-d5ad930b25ff” of “JSON summary of DICOM” content type
E0604 05:40:27.699394 OrthancException.h:86] Bad type for a parameter: Bad Parameter type for tag 0407,10a1
E0604 05:40:27.700718 FindScp.cpp:298] C-FIND request handler has failed: Bad type for a parameter

Problem is probably caused because of the private tag 0407,10a1.
Do I need to add private dictionary to support this query or what might be the problem?

I am using the latest version 1.7.1.



This issue has been investigated and fixed in the scope of a dedicated support contract but I’m also informing the community:

  • The fix has been implemented in this commit: https://hg.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/rev/884b55ce01f6
  • and the private sequence tags had to be declared in the configuration file:
    “Dictionary” : {
    “0407,10a1” : [“SQ”, “OCT Cube Sequence”, 1, 1, “99CZM_CapeCod_OctGeneral” ],
    “0407,1005” : [“SQ”, “OCT Cube Sequence2”, 1, 1, “99CZM_CapeCod_OctGeneral” ],
    “0407,0010” : [“LO”, “OCT Cube Sequence3”, 1, 1, “99CZM_CapeCod_OctGeneral” ]