Orthanc and OHIF viewer v3/ study assignments

Hello everyone

Thanks to the orthancteam for all you do.

However in this new integration of OHIF VIEWER V3 the orthanc container keeps restarting even after all other containers are up. Please what could be the problem.

Secondly is it possible to use a python script to handle study assignment to registered users for reporting…i was just thinking if its possible to assign studies to users…

update on my previous question

i debugged the orthanc_json file and found the error on line

71 “DicomWeb”: {
72 “Enable”: true", // please remove " from true
73 “PublicRoot”: “/orthanc/dicom-web/”


update on my previous question.

the ohif viewer returns a blank screen without loading the study. i think there’s something up the setup but just cant find it.

see images below

your help will be greatly appreciated


You should get in touch with the OHIF support. We can only help if an issue is found in Orthanc.

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Thanks alain…am on it already

Did you resolve that issue ?

I’ve experienced similar problems, but I also had a “SharedArray Buffer” issue in the console.

What you show there looks vary similar to what I saw, except I also had a notice about the SharedArray problem and CORS appear for about 2 seconds when the page was loaded. That was not in the console but as a modal alert.

With v.3 I think you need to have CORS setup correctly and also being connecting via localhost or https with a FQDN and CORS or at least the various proxies setup correctly.


Thanks scotti

Not yet. Thanks for pointing me to that… will revert back with the progress…


Depending on your use case, the newly released OHIF plugin for Orthanc could be of interest to you: https://discourse.orthanc-server.org/t/new-plugin-ohif/

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