X-ray machine not connecting to software

I have a C-Arm x-ray machine and I am trying to send the images to Orthanc on my server. The x-ray machine and the actual MS server connect and can ping. But when we try to send to the Orthanc software, the x-ray machine says it can't connect. All the ports are set up in the config file and open on the server. I need some help with the config file, I think. Are there any other settings besides ports that need to be fixed for the images to come over?

Please follow all these steps: http://book.orthanc-server.com/faq/dicom.html (i.e: step 3: Have you checked your firewall ?) and provide the detailed information.

Thanks. I went through these settings and was able to make it connect last Thursday. Today (Tuesday) they tried again and it is not connecting again. Nothing on the xray machine, the configuration, nor the server has changed. The server does have two IP addresses, but we have tried with both and the one that worked last week is no longer working. The other one does not work either.

Considering this partial connectivity I would at this point capture
network traces to try and pinpoint the source of the problem better.

Use tcpdump/windump to get the data (from each relevant host) and
either analyze it yourself with a tool like Wireshark or send it over
here so we can have a look. Make sure no sensitive data is in the trace
is you do so. Also please send us a little "who's who" summary (IP
addresses of each relevant host and ports of each relevant service).

I have attached the trace we did on the server where Orthanc is installed ( On the x-ray machine itself (, we are not able to do any traces or load any other software. The only thing we are able to do on that is take x-rays and configure the settings. (I was connected into the .33 server via
I am attaching the log that captures the time when the trace was done and a connection was tried to be made.
The machine and the server are both on the same network. We are currently going to try to remove the default gateway from the x-ray machine's settings to see if we can bypass it.

Orthanc.log.20170531-133454.6084.txt (6.08 KB)

MPTC.pcapng (2.42 MB)