Worklist with Agfa


I’m trying to use the “ModalityWorklist” plugin with Agfa’s CR equipment, I started Orthanc in --verbose mode to see what’s coming up on the Orthanc server, the incoming query is in the image below, but nothing is returned in the query, Help me analyze this?

I followed the steps documented here:

The “.WL” file I used was the same as the template, available here:

When I run:
findscu -W 4242 -k 0008,0050=“*”

It works and returns the information, but when the query comes from the device (image below) it does not return anything.

I’m lost … What could be wrong?

Thank you


Hello Thibault,

Thanks for your help one more time.

This output was captured on the Orthanc console running with “-verbose”, I do not think I understood your question right.


My apologies, you were very clear the first time; for some reason I
interpreted your explanation to mean that the screenshot came from the

Since it comes from Orthanc there is indeed not much point to capture
anything from the device itself. However, I would (on the Orthanc

- Capture a network trace during a query performed locally with findscu
(which I understand works fine).
- Capture a network trace during a query performed by the device (which
I understand doesn't work).
- Compare the DICOM request in search for clues of what might change
Orthanc's behavior.

Admittedly it might be faster to attach a debugger to Orthanc's process
and investigate its behavior more directly, but I don't know if you're
able to set that up easily.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with the plugin to suggest a more
direct approach to tackle your issue, but others might have better


Hi Marcelo,

I would recommend that you dump the .wl file and make the matching ‘by hand’ with the C-Find query that is available in Orthanc logs. If you can’t find why the matching fails, please, post the dump of the .wl file here and will check together.

Hello Alain,

I hope this is the requested file?

Thank you very much for your support.

159159.WL (494 Bytes)

your .wl is too flat and can not be matched with the C-Find query.
PatientName, Ids, … must be included in a 0040,0100 sequence

Inline image 1

Prezado Marcelo. Também estou com problemas no Worklist no Orthanc. Estou enviando-lhe o meu contato para resolvermos juntos o seu e o meu problema. Telefone: 19 9 96692412 (ZAP) / e-mail: Obrigado pela atenção.


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