Worklist in FujiFilm CR console

I have Orthanc 1.9.0 installed on Windows with Postgresql, and several modalities work fine, but a FujiFilm CR console cannot get the Worklist or only gets the first one, if I filter an order (study) it gets that patient.
It seems to read the first record of the work list and the rest cannot or cannot obtain it.

I tried to change the transfer syntax when generating the file with dump2dcm.exe + ti, but everything remained the same.

Any ideas.


We cannot provide any support without a minimal working example:

In your case, you should get in touch with the support team of FujiFilm (you pay them for that): As Orthanc is free and open-source, they can reproduce your configuration and spot the issue, which is obviously something the Orthanc team can’t do: