Worklist from XML

Hi everyone
In our environment our Web-based CRM generates a CSV file with a unique PatientID, Patient Name, Patient Surname, Birthday and gender everytime a new patient is registered by the receptionists.

Twice a minute a batch file uses the CSV data to populate an empty XML file that is converted to a Worklist entry using xml2dcm command from DCMTK and it all works well, very well.

Now I have a doubt: the source XML has 34 rows but I edit the valuues of only 7 of them. In particular every worklist entryes have the same MediaStorageSOPClassUID, the same MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID, the same TransferSyntaxUID and the same ImplementationClassUID.
I am also noting that the field 0008,0050 has a declarel lenght of 6 characters but i use 18 characters, field 0010,0020 is a 2 characters field but I use a 16 characters ID, is this a supported configuration or it can create problems in database storage?

Thank you everyone

I.m not able to attach the source XML, here is a JPG taken from Notepad++