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In our environment our Web-based CRM generates a CSV file with a unique PatientID, Patient Name, Patient Surname, Birthday and gender everytime a new patient is registered by the receptionists.

Twice a minute a batch file uses the CSV data to populate an empty XML file that is converted to a Worklist entry using xml2dcm command from DCMTK and it all works well, very well.

Now I have a doubt: the source XML has 34 rows but I edit the valuues of only 7 of them. In particular every worklist entryes have the same MediaStorageSOPClassUID, the same MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID, the same TransferSyntaxUID and the same ImplementationClassUID.
I am also noting that the field 0008,0050 has a declarel lenght of 6 characters but i use 18 characters, field 0010,0020 is a 2 characters field but I use a 16 characters ID, is this a supported configuration or it can create problems in database storage?

Thank you everyone

I.m not able to attach the source XML, here is a JPG taken from Notepad++

Can anyone answer this old question of mine? I have this doubt: in the meta-header part of the XML file from which I generate the worklists there are values ​​that never change and they are:

element tag=“0002,0002” vr=“UI” vm=“1” len=“26” name=“MediaStorageSOPClassUID”>
element tag=“0002,0003” vr=“UI” vm=“1” len=“58” name=“MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID”>
element tag=“0002,0010” vr=“UI” vm=“1” len=“20” name=“TransferSyntaxUID”>1.2.840.10008.1.2.1
element tag=“0002,0012” vr=“UI” vm=“1” len=“28” name=“ImplementationClassUID”>

Is this a valid configuration or could I have problems?

I’m using Orthanc just for worklists management and for extracting PDF, other data isn’t used by anyone and I don’t need to store anything for more than a few hours…

Thanks everyone


In theory, the MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID should be different for each worklist you generate but, in reality, Orthanc won’t look at this value and should work without any troubles.

It’s normal that the 3 other values remains identical in every file.

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Sorry for my late reply, thank you very much