Worklist configuration between my system and orthanc

Hello i need a dicom server to store the image in the folder ,and to integrate with my system to take worklist from my sistem and to put the list in RM or CT.After the examination finish the image go to the specific folder.Does orthanc do this? Can you help me to do this configuration.My sistem db is mysql.


   First worklist, use this link



I am junior how to get the data from my system?


If you are junior, I would suggest this page:
This is a good introduction.

If you don’t have time to read the documentation, you could consider hiring some people to do the job…

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This is what I have done for a similar requirement:
1.Test with DCMTK is the first step. Make the wlmscpfs program from DCMTK up and running using this tutorial and use the findscu.exe from DCMTK to fetch the worklist entries from wlmscpfs server
2. Configure the Orthanc with worklist plugin based on this url and move the .wl file used in the first step to the worklist directory configured in the Orthanc Configuration file. Execute the findscu.exe from DCMTK with Orthanc server and make sure the worklist entries retrieving from Orthanc Server
3. Create a VC++ program which connect the MySQL database based on this tutorial and integrate the dcmtk libraries(dcmdata.lib, oflog.lib and ofstd.lib) so that worklist files(.wl) can be generated from VC++ program (similar to dump2dcm in step1).