What happens when the same file is received from different sources?


I have an ultrasound device and a main PACS server in addtion to a mini PACS server. The mini PACS server is an Orthanc server. The ultrasound is directly programmed to send studies to both the main PACS server and also the Orthanc server after a study ends.

I have lots of ultrasound patients in the main PACS server and I plan on sending them to Orthanc. A lot of these patients came form another, older ultrasound device, so they weren’t sent automatically to Orthanc, like it is happening with my actual ultrasound device now. My question is, what will happen if I send a patient which already exists from the main PACS on the Orthanc server. Does it overwrite it, does it skip it, does it create another identical record? Does it warn that a similar study is present in Orthanc PACS? This question is important because I sometimes modify some DICOM tags after they have been sent to Orthanc (like adding comments or correcting a name tag, etc), so if they are goinf to be overwritten, I might loose those modifications.


I think I asked this same question before and the answer I got and the behavior I observed is that if the SOP Instance UID is present in Orthanc already it won't get overwritten.

Unfortunately I need the behavior to be the opposite :slight_smile: so this should work great for your use case.