Verbose Logging in Docker

I am currently running the lastest docker image of Orthanc with all the plugins.

I can see the logs from docker with this: docker logs -f orthanc

Is there a way to make the application output more verbose logging?

I want to see if my lua scripts are executing, amongst other things.

I have decided to git clone the githib repo and modify the ENTRYPOINT in the Dockerfile so that it has the --verbose flag.

Upon building the Dockerfile, I saw errors during the build:

I will check to see if it runs properly.

The build of the Dockerfile worked great, and the error in the screenshot seemed to not cause any issues.

I am now seeing verbose orthanc logging in the docker logs.

Here is a copy of the Dockerfile:

These are simple compilation warnings, and they can safely be ignored (they are related to detecting the endianness of the computer):

Instead of recompiling the full container, you can simply add “–verbose” at the end of the Docker command-line:

sudo docker run -p 4242:4242 -p 8042:8042 --rm jodogne/orthanc --verbose

The trailing options are given to the entrypoint.

I have just added an additional comment in the documentation of the OrthancDocker repository to hopefully make things clearer:


Wonderful! Thanks for that, very useful!