Using Orthanc to index and serve a DICOM folder

I’ve read some suggestions about this feature in the previous discussion here (

I’ve quite the same problem:

My DICOM data are stored in a folder DICOM_STORAGE
actually, it is the storage folder of our XNAT server.

I need to be able to query/retrieve some of these data from our modalities (PET scanner)

So I wonder if it is possible to have an Orthanc instance which indexes the DICOM_STORAGE folder, so that we could do Q/R from the scanner ?
We don’t want to duplicate our data.

Thank you for your help


You could indeed start Orthanc by setting its “StoreDicom” configuration option to “false”. This means that Orthanc would not store the DICOM files, but would only index the main DICOM tags.

Once Orthanc is started, you need to upload all the DICOM files from your “DICOM_STORAGE” folder, so that Orthanc indexes them. This can be done using the “” sample script:

However, under such a configuration, Orthanc will only be able to serve C-FIND requests. It will not be able to run the C-MOVE/C-GET operations that are necessary for full query/retrieve.