Using Orthanc as DICOM Server with query/retrieve


I am trying to use Orthanc as a DICOM server and use OsiriX as the client.

When I go to the http interface for Orthanc, find a DICOM file and hit "send to modality" it shows up in my OsiriX client.

However, when I try to use the DICOM Query/Retrieve capability of OsiriX on the same DICOM file, I get:


DICOM Network Failure (query)
SCU Failed 0006:0208 DIMSE No valid Presentation Context ID

and OSIRIX log says:

I1211 13:31:01.222159 10294 CommandDispatcher.cpp:835] DUL Peer Requested Release
I1211 13:31:01.222206 10294 CommandDispatcher.cpp:842] Association Release
I1211 13:31:25.253372 10086 CommandDispatcher.cpp:491] Association Received from AET brian on IP
I1211 13:31:25.280889 10086 CommandDispatcher.cpp:684] Association Acknowledged (Max Send PDV: 16372)
I1211 13:31:25.346236 10367 CommandDispatcher.cpp:835] Peer aborted Association (or never connected)
I1211 13:31:25.346268 10367 CommandDispatcher.cpp:847] Association Aborted

I am new to DICOM so I'm probably doing something really dumb. Any thoughts?


Dear Brian,

DICOM Query/Retrieve is much more complex than DICOM Store.

Indeed, DICOM Q/R involves 3 modalities: the client, the sender, and the receiver. The “client” asks the “sender” to send DICOM instances to the “receiver”. In your case, both the “client” and the “receiver” are the same OsiriX, whereas the “sender” is Orthanc. This implies that Orthanc must act as a Q/R server (aka. C-Find SCP and C-Move SCP), that OsiriX must be able to receive DICOM files (aka. C-Store SCP), that Orthanc must know OsiriX in its configuration file, and that OsiriX must accept files coming from Orthanc.

In your case, according to the OsiriX log, OsiriX is not configured to allow the reception of DICOM files coming from your instance of Orthanc. This is presumably because you have not allowed OsiriX to act as a C-Store SCP. You can for instance have a look at the following manual that explains how to enable it:

Let me know if this helps.