UserMetadata usage

Is there an explanation about “UserMetadata” (Configuration.json) ?
I can’t find any documentation. What can we do with it.


As briefly described in the reference of the REST API (well, too briefly described), each resource (i.e. each patient, study, series or instance) can be associated with a set of metadata:

This set of metadata is an associative array that maps an integer (in the range 0-65535) to a string value. Each such metadata can be individually read (GET), updated (PUT) or removed (DELETE) through the REST API. Metadata whose index is below 1024 are reserved for the internal use of Orthanc. As a concrete example, each metadata is associated with a string encoding the date on which it was received by Orthanc.

To ease the development of higher-level applications on the top of Orthanc, the developer has the possibility to give a symbolic name to metadata, instead of using an integer. This is where “UserMetadata” comes into play.

I hope this clarifies this feature.