Use custom logo in orthanc

Is there an easy way to replace the orthanc-logo.png logo that is displayed on http://localhost/app/explorer.html page? If there was a configuration option or environment variable that could be used, this would be ideal.

The logo file is not present in the docker container,but can be found in the git repository. I think it is compiled into the /usr/share/orthanc/plugins/ and could be replaced by recompiling with a different logo. However, I would prefer to use the latest docker image and not change anything except maybe configuration files.


I’d also like to see something along these lines. I work with quite a bit of open source software and typically developers look for either a file, or folder, which can override the defaults supplied with the software, allowing for small changes like logos, color schemes, various text.

Visibility is essentially to any open-source project. If you wipe out the Orthanc logo, users will not be advised that they use a free software that required a huge amount of work, and they won’t know that we need their support in order to pursue the development to the benefit of the whole medical imaging community. As a consequence, we don’t provide a configuration option to replace the logo in Orthanc Explorer.

If you still want to replace Orthanc’s logo by yours, you’ll have to compile from sources. You are obviously free to create such a fork and maintain it by yourself (including the Docker images). But remember that this process results in the creation a derivative work of Orthanc, which is covered by the GPL/AGPL licenses as soon as you ship the derivative work to a client (GPL/AGPL) or on a cloud platform (AGPL): In such a situation, the licenses oblige you to publish your fork as free software using a license that is at least as strong as the original license.

Dave, regarding theming Orthanc Explorer, please check out the following FAQ: