Upload folder of file

Isn’t there a way to upload a folder of dicom files from the web?

You mean like opening the UI http://localhost:8042/ui/app/#/, click on the upload button and upload a file or folder ?

Screenshot 2024-07-11 alle 09.37.47

What about including a message in your post ?

Then, what about reading this documentation to properly format the message.

At this link
no upload button appears but that json

// 20240711093655
// http://.
"HttpError": "Not Found",
"HttpStatus": 404.
"Message": "Unknown resource",
"Method": "GET"
"OrthancError": "Unknown resource"
"OrthancStatus": 17,
"Uri": "/ui/app/"

That’s because you don’t have Orthanc Explorer 2.
However, there is an upload button in the Orthanc default user interface at http://localhost:8042

yes I know the standard upload but it doesn’t upload folders. explorer2 I can’t install it. it’s difficult

Installing OE2 is very easy. Just read the documentation.