Unable To Send Larger DICOM File


I am trying to send larger DICOM file to the peer server using the following command:

curl -X POST -b ***************

But file is not sending.

The file size is 8MB.

You can’t send a file directly to a peer.

You first need to upload it to Orthanc (http://book.orthanc-server.com/users/rest.html?highlight=curl#sending-dicom-images), retrieve its id from the response to the previous request then, you’ll be able to send it to a peer with the request you were trying to send previously (note that the request body is the resource id you received when uploading the file). See some examples here: http://book.orthanc-server.com/users/rest.html?highlight=curl#sending-one-resource (sending to a peer uses the same syntax as sending to a modality)


File uploading successfully on the Orthanc-server.

Then I am trying to send this uploaded file to the orthanc peer server it is showing error.

Please check the attachment of the error message.


What investigations have you already performed ?

  • have you checked the logs of both orthanc ?
  • Did you make sure no firewall is blocking traffic ?

Also try increasing the HttpTimeout value.

If the DICOM file size more than 500MB then how much time will be increased.

As Alain suggests, you should first check Orthanc logs, any relevant
external firewall rules, and if you still can't pinpoint the source of
the error use network packet traces to guide you further.

If it is a timeout issue, then it will entirely depend on the bandwidth
available on your link (Orthanc has virtually no overhead to speak of,
so look for your TCP/IP throughput).

Whether this timeout is useful is actually debatable, so you may want
to effectively disable it altogether. I don't think Orthanc supports
however, though these would be a great addition.


Back to your original question, 8MB is not a “large” DICOM file, but rather a very common one. The problem lies either in your network configuration, or in the way you invoke the REST API of Orthanc.

Please carefully describe your infrastructure and post the full configuration of your two Orthanc peers. Then, share all the command lines you use for us to reproduce your issue.

Also, make sure to understand the difference between a “modality” and a “peer”: