Unable to send file from orphanc to dcm4che

I am getting this error when I am sending a dicom file from orthanc to dcm4che.

ErrorCode: 2015

ErrorDescription: DicomUserConnection: No acceptable presentation context for modality

ErrorDetails: Unable to negotiate a presentation context with AET “AS_RECEIVED”

ID: 17126149-a1da-41e6-9bb2-69b618726be1

Priority: 0

Progress: 0

State: Failure

Type: DicomModalityStore
Detailed Information:
Description: REST API

FailedInstancesCount: 0

InstancesCount: 172


ParentResources: [“1971163a-26b23f46-66a62f33-229e6a17-9fddfee0”]


The orphan.json has following relevant entry:
// must use the REST API to define modalities.
“DicomModalities” : {
“dcm4che” : [ “AS_RECEIVED”, “”, 11112]

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What kind of files are you trying to send ?

You should enable the trace logs to analyze the DICOM association in details.

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Hi Alain

I am sending DICOM study. Little more context - I was able to establish the connection from orthanc to another orthanc ( in other server) with the dicom modalities entry as above.
The orthanc log setting link that you posted for verbose, I tried setting the verbose option( non-docker options in Linux) but not able to get this activated.
For example, when i run this: sudo -u orthanc /usr/sbin/Orthanc --verbose /etc/orthanc/ > Orthanc.log 2>&1 it gives a permission error.
Then I tried sudo /etc/init.d/orthanc start --trace --logfile=orthanc.log but can’t see any details other than posted in the UI.

I am quite new to this. So, I can send apologies in every sentence for what I am trying but I am assuming you/community will understand the beginner level user. Thanks for sending the note. Let me know if there is more that I need to provide to get the help.

Thanks & Regards