Trouble Connecting Orthanc to Azure Blob Storage

I need assistance connecting Orthanc to Azure blob storage. My aim is to archive the DICOM files from Orthanc to Azure blob storage at least once every day.

I’ve referred to the documentation at Cloud Object Storage plugins — Orthanc Book documentation. Since the documentation mentions that the Azure plugin is included with the Windows installer, I added the following to orthanc.json:
“AzureBlobStorage”: {
“ConnectionString”: “DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=xxxxxxxxx;AccountKey=yyyyyyyy===;”,
“ContainerName”: “test-orthanc-storage-plugin”,
“CreateContainerIfNotExists”: true,
“RootPath”: “”,
“MigrationFromFileSystemEnabled”: false,
“StorageStructure”: “flat”,
“EnableLegacyUnknownFiles”: true,
“StorageEncryption”: {},
“HybridMode”: “Disabled”

Furthermore, I included “C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server\Plugins\OrthancAzureBlobStorage.dll” in the plugins list within orthanc.json.

Afterwards, I attempted to initiate the process using the following command:
curl -X POST http://localhost:8042/move-storage
–data ‘{
“Resources”: [“LIST_OF_RESOURCE_IDS”],
“TargetStorage”: “object-storage”,
“Asynchronous”: true,
“Priority”: 0
This resulted in an error. I’m trying to find out what I might be doing wrong. My objective is to archive Orthanc files to Azure Blob Storage every day. Additionally, I want to determine the folder structure in Azure based on the name of the DICOM image.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


In order to get assistance, you should describe the “problems” or “errors” you are receiving and provide verbose logs.

From your configuration, I can already tell that the HybridMode is disabled so the move-storage route can not work.

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thank you alainmazy. i was able to change the hybridMode to WriteToFileSystem and run the move-storage in pwsh and it worked.

I had a follow up question, How does Orthanc handle network failures or interruptions with object storage. for instance if hybridMode was disabled. how would orthanc server handle dicom images coming in from a modality(modalities). Does it store them in the file system and then retry later? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


For further reference, the same question was answered by Alain in another thread: Orthanc to object storage in case of failures - #2 by alainmazy