Transferring Files to another pac server


Is there a way to transfer all of the studies received by an one orthanc server to another remote orthanc server on the fly?


Greg Ennis

Hi PoMec,

Please take a look at the Orthanc book

I’ve implemented a variation on this that doesn’t delete the files before forwarding but this should help you get it working. FWIW, it works pretty well in my case.



Thanks for the link. I surely have a lot to learn so this does give me a starting place. I definitely do not want to delete the files; I am trying to create a remote back up.

Time to study the lua scripts for sure!!!


Hi Greg,

Here’s an exact copy of mine minus the remote AE Title it sends to:

function OnStoredInstance(instanceId, tags, metadata)
SendToModality(instanceId, ‘’)

I simply removed the “Delete()” function from it and it works like a charm. This is really just a basic store and forward type of auto-routing. If you need anything more complex, you should definitely go through the sections on that link I sent you.

Hope it helps!