Transferring Dicom images between different networks

Can anyone help me, How to configure and transfer the DICOM images between two different networks using “Peers”.

Thank you

What is the issue you are having? Configuring or sending? Do you plan on sending over the internet via HTTPS? Will you be using a proxy?

Hi bryan,

My issue is on both configuring and also sending. Can ORTHANC send the images with two different networks?..

Can we retrive data from ORTHANC to Other DICOM server?..

Can i download multiple images at once?..

Answer to your three question are: Yes, yes, and yes.

Please read the Orthanc Book:

Hi sebastien

I’ve read the book which you have send to me,But i didn’t find the exact answers of my questions.Can u specify the paths in the book where i can get the exact answers.

Thank you