Transfer accelerator plugin : origin of studies


Is there a way to get dicom Aet or name from the original orthanc instance that ordered study transfer by accelerator plugin ?

Let’s imagine we have a central cloud orthanc hosted by AWS/Google/Azure… and a few others Orthanc in different facilities that forward all stable studies by transfer accelerator plugin to the central cloud Orthanc.
Can I easily find by the REST API the name or the dicom AET of the original Orthanc instance where the study comes from ?

Best regards

Hi Cedric,

Only the DICOM data is transferred and therefore you won’t be able to get the AET of the sending Orthanc.

In your case, you could probably insert the AET in a DICOM tag when they are received on the on-premise orthancs. This can be done in python or lua by calling the /modify route on the NEW_INSTANCE event or in the “OnStoredInstance” callback.