The Cancer Imaging Archive and UCLouvain

Dear Orthanc community,

A new free and open-source plugin for Orthanc that is dedicated to researchers has been released:

This plugin simplifies the task of importing open-data DICOM images from The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) into Orthanc, and to serve such images from the PACS-like environment offered by Orthanc.

Beyond the only oncology, the TCIA plugin can be used to freely access a huge catalog of de-identified medical images of many body parts acquired under multiple modalities, which is especially useful for teaching and for research in any field of radiology.

I take the opportunity of the release of this new extension to the Orthanc ecosystem, to announce that I now work as a full-time assistant professor at the UCLouvain university, in the field of computer science applied to life sciences. The TCIA plugin is the first deliverable of my research work at UCLouvain.

The release of the TCIA plugin illustrates that I will evidently continue my work on Orthanc, but now with the same scientific and academic approaches that have driven me from the inception of the Orthanc project until 2017, while I was working as a research engineer at the University Hospital of Liège.

As a consequence, industrial players and hospitals who need professional support around the Orthanc project are kindly invited to get touch with our rich commercial ecosystem, in particular with Osimis:

As far as I’m concerned, I am evidently interested to take part in research projects (both preclinical and clinical), in grant submissions and in publications related to health informatics, which obviously encompasses medical imaging. Feel free to get in touch with me if we can collaborate around Orthanc!

Kind Regards,

That is great. Is that also going to be packaged up with the Osimis Images as an optional Plug-in ?

Congrats Sebastien! Great news! A well deserved new position in your career!

Congratulations Sebastien,
You already made a major contribution in the medical imaging ecosystem.
It’s a real chance for medical imaging, to know that you will be on this topic for the next 30y pushing medical imaging to the next levels.

Best regards,


Yes, we’ll include it in a forthcoming release.


The TCIA plugin is now included in Docker images osimis/orthanc:21.9.0 and in windows installers 21.9.0.

Enjoy !


Nice. Seems to work after rebuilding with the latest Osimis Images and following in docker-compose.yml.



. . .

. . .



Path: http(s)://pathto/orthanc/tcia/app/index.html