stow-rs client/server on orthanc

Hi. I’m triying to send multiple resources from one Orthanc to other via stow-rs.

I receive the following error on the server side.

W0508 14:42:15.462570 PluginsManager.cpp:167] Ignoring a badly-formatted item in a multipart body

This is with a Study with two instances. Also, if i try to send the first instance alone, there is no problem. With only the second instance, the same error occurs.


Can you send your client output? (Possibly truncated showing only

Maybe your client has that capability built-in (say writing it to the
standard output stream or to a file), otherwise tools like tcpdump and
Wireshark will allow you to capture the data and analyze it.

I'll assume your client only formats the data as a multipart message if
there is more than one study, so this could definitely be related to
multipart formatting.

Hi. Thanks for your answer.
I’m using Orthanc as server (on a computer) and Orthanc as client (on other computer) with the server configured on dicomweb.json.

I have a study on my client, with two instances. I call the dicomweb stow on the client, with the resource id of the study.

I don’t have access to the client output, because Orthanc dicomweb plugin manages it. Only i can see the logs.

On server,

PluginsManager.cpp:167] Ignoring a badly-formatted item in a multipart body

On client,
PluginsErrorDictionary.cpp:110] Exception inside the plugin engine: Error in the network protocol

PluginsManager.cpp:163] The STOW-RS server was only able to receive 0 instances out of 1

I have done a workaround using the send to modality, but with dicomweb i can’t do the job.


Daniel M. Gopp

Hi Daniel,

Could you eventually give us access to these 2 instances so we can try to reproduce the issue here ?



Yes. I attached the files. This is a test RX for a tool. Not a anatomical image.


Daniel M. Gopp

PAT000005 GONZALES PEDRO.rar (2.41 MB)

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for these images. However, I can’t reproduce your problem here.

I’m sending the whole study from one orthanc to the other by sending a POST request to http://localhost:8042/dicom-web/servers/b/stow with this body:

“Resources” : [

Is this what your are doing too ?

What version of Orthanc and DicomWeb plugin are you running ?



Yes. Its the same that i’m doing.

I’m using on both machines, Orthanc for Windows 64 1.2 with dicomweb 3, i think.

Dicomweb comes with the Osimis installer.


Daniel M. Gopp

Hi Daniel,

This bug has actually been fixed in the mainline but is not yet available in an official release.
You may find the mainline executables for windows here:

just replace the C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server\Plugins\OrthancDicomWeb.dll by the one from the zip.

We’ll try to provide an official release soon.

Best regards,


Hi Alain. Thank you very much for your answer. I will try on the night.

Again… thank you!

Daniel M. Gopp