Storescu not working

I am trying to index some dcm via dicom but when I send a sorescu Orthanc reject it because a bad called aet in the request. I’ve added in the modalities a line with an aet and port, but it still rejects it.
Tried on remote and with localhost.
What do you think the problem could be?

i’ve set dicomcehckcalledaet to false and it works now
what does dicomcehckcalledaet when set to true?

Documentation of DicomCheckCalledAet:
  // Check whether the called AET corresponds to the AET of Orthanc
  // during an incoming DICOM SCU request

Since you get " bad called aet" when the option is true and don’t get any errors once you set it to false, it probably means that your modality trying to connect to Orthanc using a wrong AET. I.e. Orthanc’s AET is “ORTHANC” and your modality calls an AET which is “FOO”