"StorageCompression" : true

We have this option enabled in our configuration.

The server has thousands of studies stored on the server. We noticed some performance issues and high memory and processor usage when opening studies using the web viewer. We believe this issue is related to the process of unzipping the studio before sending it to the viewer.

My query is about knowing if it is possible to remove this option, already with so many studies with compression enabled. This change would affect the new studies, being able to access the previous ones? Wouldn’t it be possible if I already have studies with zip by compression enabled?

Thanks in advance.

I have installed the server with compression enabled.
I copied some studies and then I set the compression option to false.
I have copied a few more studies.
I can see both new studies (without compression), and old ones (with compression).
But it would be very useful for me to have a confirmation that this study environment with and without compression is possible on the same server.

¿No one can help me with this ?

I confirm that you can change the compression settings once you’ve already stored files and you’ll be able to read old data (the compressed status is stored per file)

Thanks for your answer.

I will set compression off to avoid this process.