Step by Step Cornerstone plugin intergration

Apologies ,

I am a clinician not an IT expert.
Really need someone to advise me step by step instruction to install CORNERSTONE plugin , done the GDCM but the cornerstone is tough.

thank you in advace

Onn Akbar Ali’


You don’t have to install Cornerstone by yourself, it is already part of the “Web viewer” plugin:

The Web viewer works on the top of Cornerstone and GDCM, and both libraries are included in the shared library “OrthancWebViewer-1.2.dll”.


OK, understood, thank you and much appreciated. It just that the orthanc Web viewer is unable to play cine jpeg lossless files (angiography)… Looking for alternative method

Again thank you

FYI, I have updated the FAQ to clarify things:

A new task has been accordingly added to our roadmap: