SSL configuration and http/2

Hi everyone!

I have been working with nginx ingress and Kubernetes and have discovered that it is possible to add an ‘enable HTTP/2’ annotation on the ingress controller. However, when I attempted to allow this annotation for my Orthanc container, the Orthanc server continued to run on HTTP/1.1.

I am wondering if it is necessary to purchase an SSL certificate specifically for Orthanc in order to make it work on HTTP/2 since Orthanc comes with a self-signed CA certificate.


Hi Yash,

Orthanc currently does not support HTTP/2 at all.



Hi @alainmazy ,

My motive is to get faster uploads/downloads & metadata retrievals.

I tried a similar approach on a local setup with an Nginx proxy using a self-signed certificate. Surprisingly it worked and I did get network I/O improvements.

However, I have not been successful in replicating it in Kubernetes + nginx ingress controller deployment.

Is there a configuration on Orthanc that enables faster network IO?
I have already tried transfers accelerator/ compression/ gdcm, etc but the results are diminishing.