Siemens VIDA scanner / enhanced DICOM

Dear all,

This is my fist time posting on this group and after some searching I am relatively sure that my question has not been answered.

We are looking for a PACS system to set up for our new Siemens VIDA scanner and we are looking to orthanc. Before committing, however, I wanted to see:

  1. if anyone around here has experience with setting up orthanc receiving dicoms from a vida scanner
  2. if orthanc plays well with Siemen’s enhanced DICOM format



As far as the Orthanc core developers are concerned, I kindly invite you to read the following page of the Orthanc Book:

Summarizing, the core team doesn’t have any way to check compatibility with proprietary software (including Siemens’), as we obviously can’t buy such modalities for experiments. As a consequence, it is up to the community and/or to the vendors to provide feedback.

Always remember that the support team from Siemens can download and check compatibility by themselves, as Orthanc is free and open-source software. If facing a problem, commercial vendors can buy professional service packs from Osimis to help them investigate issues:


Apologies for a late response, but we use Orthanc regularly in our research environment that includes a Vida scanner. We were already using Orthanc for an anonymization service before one of our research MR machines was upgraded to the new XA platform that comes with the Vida and which produces the new Siemens Enhanced DICOM format. Siemens has been rolling out the XA platform to all models, including older Prisma scanners.

I can report that Orthanc handles these format DICOM just fine for our purposes. I did have to modify my anonymization script to account for Siemens moving some patient data into new DICOM fields within the enhanced DICOM.

For transfer/storage, Orthanc has been as stable as ever with these newer format DICOM coming from Siemens. In fact, our institution’s PACS system (another proprietary product from a different vendor than Siemens) could NOT ingest the Enhanced DICOM coming from some of our research studies. As a result, we have temporarily been backing up our research Enhanced DICOM studies to a dedicated Orthanc - where we once pushed them into the institutional PACS for backup.


Haha. I read that Aug’20 as August 20 of THIS year. This really is a late response for 2020.