serve-folders in docker

Greetings to all,

To configure and enable Orthanc serve-folders in Docker, I started with the standard method described in the Orthanc Book, without success.
I did some trials to build new Docker images with a web folder declared as VOLUME in the Dockerfile, but the result is always the same:

“Empty section ServeFolders in your configuration file: No additional folder is served.”

So far I didn’t find specific information about this topic in the Internet.

Could somebody please provide some guidance how to configure this option in the orthanc.json file and/or in the Dockerfile (VOLUME ?).



Dear Marco,

Here is a minimal configuration file to achieve this goal:

“Plugins” : [
“RemoteAccessAllowed” : true,
“ServeFolders” : {
“html” : “/html”

With this configuration, the “ServeFolders” plugin will publish the content of the “/html/” volume that is mapped when invoking Docker.

For instance, if the configuration above is saved as “/tmp/orthanc.json” in the host, and if you want to publish the documentation of Xorg as found in a Debian-based distribution, you would call:

sudo docker run -p 4242:4242 -p 8042:8042 --rm -v /tmp/orthanc.json:/etc/orthanc/orthanc.json:ro -v /usr/share/doc/xorg/:/html/:ro jodogne/orthanc


Dear Sébastien,

thank you for your guidance.
It’s working now. The trailing slash for the web folder was missing in my trials.

To improve the usability, customization and maintenance of the Orthanc Server on Mac, I started replacing my self-compiled Orthanc program on Mac with the Docker application for Mac, using a customized Orthanc image. The latest version (17.06.0) of Docker for Mac is stable and reliable and the integrated Kitematic GUI is very user friendly.

To expose the Orthanc serve-folder html to Kitematic, I use now the command

VOLUME [ “/html/” ]

in my Dockerfile. It works now as expected.

best regards,