Secure DICOM viewer setup

Dear Group,

I would like to run an orthanc server in a public cloud and be able to connect to it from any location with a 3rd party viewer. I have been trying WADO, that works if I add the viewer to the config file under modalities. The problem is the IP address in this case. Is there a solution to use the HTTP auth and not provide the viewer info in the config file? Should I use some other technique?

Thanks in advance.

If you’re using WADO, you’re accessing Orthanc in HTTP and therefore do not need to add the viewer under modalities (the modalities section is only used for the DICOM protocol).

Thanks Alain for your reply. I am using Horos as a viewer and I set it up to use WADO as a retrieve method in the locations. When I run a query I get back no results and in the logs I get the following message from Orthanc: W0502 12:27:44.690233 CommandDispatcher.cpp:837] Rejected Find request from remote DICOM modality with AET “MYAET” and hostname “MyIP”. Do you have any idea why this might happen?


In Horos, you’ve probably configured Orthanc both as a DICOM modality and a DicomWeb “server”.
It seems that first, before the retrieve, you’re making a C-Find from Horos (and this one happens in DICOM → hence it complains about the “MYAET” not declared as a DicomModalities in Orthanc).

You should try to use QIDO-RS to find the studies to retrieve instead of C-Find. Sorry, I’m not familiar with Horos and can not help on that topic.

I see. Thanks. Do you know of any viewer supporting QIDO-RS? According to this page on wikipedia there are not too many (Orthanc and OsiriX)

You may check the OHIF viewer:

Osirix does also, if you are testing from a mac.