Search by InstitutionName


I’ve been trying to do a QueryRetrieve with the tag “InstitutionName”, but unfortunately the orthanc send the message:
Tag not allowed for this C-Find level, will be ignored: (0008,0080)

I tried all levels and the same message appears.
Do you have any solution to perform this search?


Hi Diego,

I was not able to reproduce your issue. Running this query works:
findscu -v -d -S -k 0008,0052=“STUDY” -k 0008,0080=“Centre*” -aec ORTHANC localhost 4244

Once you run Orthanc in verbose mode, you should see the exact query in the log:
I0127 17:07:11.270090 OrthancFindRequestHandler.cpp:596] DICOM C-Find request at level: Study
I0127 17:07:11.274079 OrthancFindRequestHandler.cpp:602] (0008,0052) QueryRetrieveLevel = STUDY
I0127 17:07:11.278050 OrthancFindRequestHandler.cpp:602] (0008,0080) InstitutionName = Centre*

Could you paste your query here ?

Best regards,


Thank you Alain for the answer.
Doing the search locally, it works.
The problem raises when doing a remote Query/Retrieve.

Thanks again.

Please provide the Orthanc logs including the query that is received from the remote device; that might really help understand why it does not work.


Sorry for the delay.
In orthanc logs I only find “Tag not allowed for this C-Find level, will be ignored: (0008,0080)”
I will try to explain in more detail.

Let’s say I have and orthanc (PACS-A) connected to a second PACS of another brand (PACS-B)
PACS-A sends a Query to PACS-B, asking for InstitutionName.
PACS-B answers everything, except InstitutionName.

On PACS-A log I get “Tag not allowed for this C-Find level, will be ignored: (0008,0080)”
I do not have access to PACS-B logs.

Maybe, orthanc allows a find by this tag and not a Query to a remote modality?



You are most probably looking for the “Normalize” option in the “/modalities/{…}/query” route.

For instance, the following call will filter out “InstitutionName” and will log warning “Tag not allowed for this C-Find level, will be ignored: (0008,0080)”:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/modalities/pacs/query -d ‘{“Level”:“Study”,“Query”:{“InstitutionName”:“a”}}’

But the following call will bypass this check, and include “InstitutionName” in the outgoing DICOM C-FIND request:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/modalities/pacs/query -d ‘{“Level”:“Study”,“Query”:{“InstitutionName”:“a”},“Normalize”:false}’

For reference, check out the source code of the function “DicomQuery()” in file “OrthancServer/OrthancRestApi/OrthancRestModalities.cpp”:


This worked swiftly!!


Hi everybody,

I am having the same problem as previous mails with another DICOM tag (see attached emails below).
When I retrieve from a remote pacs a series with “StationName” (0008,1010), I get an answer without this tag. If I bring the study, the tag is there.
I’ve tried “Normalize: false” option without success.

Any ideas?




Sorry, I don’t understand your question…

Please post the exact command-lines (using curl) you used so that people can help: