Safe Harbor Method


is the anonymization feature in Orthanc is compliant with the Safe Harbor Method described here?



Hi Philippe,

Anonymization process in Orthanc is described here:

So, you should be able to check if that fits your requirement.


Dear Phillipe,

No the anonymization settings are not the same.
Orthanc follow the NEMA guideline, the anonymization by default is much more aggressive than what your show in your link.
However, this is only the default settings, Orthanc allows to fine tune the anonymization parameter tag by tag.

So the anonymization methods you described can be done in Orthanc (maybe a one or two very small details differences) but you have to write your own query with the specified parameter (see the link provided by Benoit).

I built my own anonymization parameter in my app Orthanc_Tools ( ; see video of the anonymization )

It should be relatively easy to add the Safe Harbor Method in my program.
Sadly for now I do not have enough bandwith to do it, if you have Java programming capabilities my code is open source and I welcome contribution.
Otherwise I have to find some time to make it and integrate it in my app

Best regards,