Running Orthanc in Ubuntu 14.04

Hi all,

I installed Orthanc in a Virtual Machine, via SSH through Putty. I used the following commands :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install orthanc

Then I modified the Configuration.json file, I included a DICOM Modality in order to establish a communication with my computer (windows), where I have an orthanc instance too. Now I would like to run Orthanc in the virtual machine ubuntu, I have been trying to find the command to run Orthanc but I haven´t found it. Could anyone tell me which one I should use? Or if I missed a step in the installation?

Many thanks for you time,
Lara García Delgado


As soon as you install the official Debian/Ubuntu package for Orthanc, Orthanc is automatically started as a background service. Open your Web browser on port 8042 to open its Web interface (aka. Orthanc Explorer).

The configuration files can be found at location “/etc/orthanc”. To restart Orthanc, just type “sudo /etc/init.d/orthanc restart”.