Running Lua scripts on Windows (vs Linux)

I have two clean installs of Orthanc running, one on Ubuntu and one on Windows. I can run a test Lua script on the Linux install without any trouble with the below command:

curl -X POST http://<orthanc_address>/tools/execute-script --data-binary @script.lua

where script.lua is for example (silly test script):

function OnStoredInstance(instanceId, tags, metadata, origin) os.execute('mkdir /home/ubuntu/testdir') # substitute directory for Windows equivalent end

If there is a syntax error in script.lua I receive HttpResponse=500, indicating that the service is attempting to run the script (intended). I receive no such response from the Windows install. I get zero indication that Windows Orthanc is attempting to run the script.

Are there any instructions on how to run Lua scripts for Windows Orthanc?

Thanks in advance,

You should first check the Orthanc logs on your Windows machine in “–verbose” mode, cf. step 2 of: