Reverse Proxy and Cornerstone

Greeting to All!

I have Orthanc running on Windows localhost:8042. I have created reverse proxy in IIS 8.0 on localhost:8000. I have also integrated Cornerstone dicom viewer in my MVC application which is running on SSL with form based security on the internet.

If I launch browser from the server itself and log into my MVC application I could get the images in cornerstone via reverse proxy. However, if I launch browser from the client machine then I cannot see the images but I get the data as C# calls Restful API successfully.

Since my Orthanc is running on localhost of the server, client machine calling localhost of the server in Cornerstone fails. Cornerstone requests images from the hostname in the imageId. If I create a reverse proxy on public facing domain/hostname then Orthanc Explorer will be available to all - not desirable.

Please help me in setting this up correctly that Orthanc Explorer is not accessible to anyone outside of the server with Cornerstone gets the images on the client machine.

Warm regards,