RESTAPI -C-Find Several Descriptions

Good Day All,
When I perform a C-Find (/modalities/PACS/query) using the below info it works no problem. What I am hoping to do is do a c-find based on StudyDescription of Head, or Neck. Is this possible?
Thanks in advance.



For sure, you can filter the “StudyDescription”. For instance, here is a working query that will return studies whose description contains the substring “MRI”:

curl -X POST http://localhost:8042/modalities/pacs/query -d ‘{“Level”:“Study”,“CaseSensitive”:false,“Query”:{“PatientID”:““,“StudyDescription”:“MRI”,“PatientName”:””}}’

Note however that, depending on the configuration of your remote DICOM server, the search can be case-sensitive, which would explain why you don’t receive any result by filter the StudyDescription on “Head” (try with “HEAD”).

Furthermore, the “ModalitiesInStudy” filter must specify a backslash-separated list of modalities of interest (for instance, “CT\MR”). By letting it empty, the remote DICOM server would not return any result.


Hello, thanks. Sorry, I am looking to if I can do based on several descriptions. I can do one description, but if for example I wanted head and neck.

You can do a search against a list of “StudyDescription” items, provided they are separated by backslashes and they don’t contain wildcards (exact matching). For instance, in the bash shell:

curl -s -X POST http://localhost:8042/modalities/localhost/query -d '{“Level”:“Study”,“CaseSensitive”:false,“Query”:{“PatientID”:““,“StudyDescription”:“CT THORAX\Head”,“PatientName”:””}}


Ok great thanks for the info. I tried the backslash but was using wildcards that’s what tripped me up. Thanks