REST API: Query Specific Tags in Study

Good Day All,
I know you can query for tag information by instance like the example: curl http://localhost:8042/instances/e668dcbf-8829a100-c0bd203b-41e404d9-c533f3d4/content/0010-0010

Is there a way to do this study based? Looking to retrieve 0008 0061 - Modalities in Study, but using:
or other methods isnt coming up with it. Thanks!


Hello Bryan,

The following command line should do the job:

curl http://localhost:8042/tools/find -X POST -d ‘{“Level”:“Study”,“Expand”:true,“Query”:{“ModalitiesInStudy”:“CT\MR”}}’

Note how you can specify a list of types of modalities of interest.


Is the 0008 0061 - Modalities in Study populated by Orthanc or by the Modality? Basically I want to know if its modality dependent or not?

Actually, It is not a true tag, so ignore me. In order to retrieve all modalities within a study I used the below. (I need to make sure one of the series is OT)

curl --request GET --url http://localhost:8042/studies/84fdb59b-094bc5a9-frc399ca-60099e0a-a46a463f/series

This will get info on each series within a study, then take the Modality identifier.