Rest Api Performance

Dear all,
again thanks for your great tool. Setting up and running it is pretty easy. However, I have a minor question regarding the performance of the RestAPI. I have fairly large setup:

   "CountInstances" : 4209908,
   "CountPatients" : 1921,
   "CountSeries" : 304984,
   "CountStudies" : 3910,
   "TotalDiskSize" : "479433157680",
   "TotalDiskSizeMB" : 457223,
   "TotalUncompressedSize" : "1279822896468",
   "TotalUncompressedSizeMB" : 1220534

and it feels as if the restapi takes some time to "boot-up". When I use the restAPI after some time it takes pretty long to retrieve the data/information even for the smallest set i.e. the patients. After a successful call its quick again and I can actually use it for my tasks. Are the calls somehow cached? Or did I miss something?

Thanks for your help in advance!

All the best,
Bernhard S

Just a quick note: I'll have a look at nginx caching and optimizing the postgres table access - so maybe I might solve it myself and post the result here :slight_smile:


The following FAQ discusses performance issues, and could be very useful to you:

In particular, you are storing much more than the recommended 50,000 instances for SQLite (actually 80 times more). You should urgently switch to PostgreSQL.

Also, make sure that you are running a Release build (i.e. with runtime assertions turned off).