Request for enhancement: Assumed asterisk in search

I just deployed Orthanc in a veterinary hospital. It’s working great, and it’s been easy to teach it’s various functions to my staff. Thank you very much for making such a fine and simple to deploy product.

I wonder if it would be possible to request an enhancement? When I search for a patient, for example “Smith”, I have to type in Smith* to display all the Smiths. It seems to me the interface would be more user-friendly if one didn’t need to type in the asterisk.

Again, thanks to the developers for your hard work.



Thanks for your positive feedback!

The convention of having to manually insert asterisks in search queries is extremely common in the DICOM world. As we want to be as close as possible to commercial clinical setups, we cannot implement your suggested behavior in the Orthanc core.

That being said, you could develop a plugin that would intercept queries to “/tools/find” to automatically insert the asterisks, or you could create a higher-level user interface: