receive-only dicom modalities?

Is it possible to have a DicomModality which Orthanc is permitted to receive from (I have DicomAlwaysAllowStore false), but not to send to - and, crucially, not have that host appear in the “Send to DICOM Modality” target list?

This feature is not implemented in Orthanc Explorer. Please check out the following FAQ for more context:

“Non-technical audience (physicists, patients, administrative staff…) might expect an user interface that is more user-friendly than Orthanc Explorer, and/or that integrates more features (such as […] access control lists […]). If you need such a more advanced user experience so that Orthanc better fits your clinical workflow, you will have to develop a separate, custom Web interface on the top of the REST API of Orthanc, maybe as a plugin.”

It seems to me it would be possible to use a second instance of Orthanc (with a different DICOM port assigned) that could receive DICOM from these modalities and then forward them (using say the onStableStudy signal) onto the actual Orthanc system (and delete the original). This way the actual Orthanc system would only have to list this one mirror’ing Orthan system as a modality.

This is just an idea - I have not tried it or anything like that.

Thanks, that’s a clever idea. I think I’ll probably just not worry about this though - it was more of a cosmetic thing, and I can easily just tell the other side to not accept data from Orthanc.

Sébastien - do you know of any projects other than Orthanc-Tools-JS that aim to be a more advanced (web) interface on top of Orthanc?

All the projects I’m aware of are listed at the following locations:

Obviously, I’ll happily index any other such contribution.

If you are interested a commercial advanced (web) interface on top of Orthanc please feel free to get in touch at