Question about Docker image and Linux performance troubleshooting

Greetings to everyone.

My team and I are using Orthanc in our project successfully so far. We’re currently having some issues on the performance of the Orthanc server when uploading DICOM files from Horos, it takes a long time (~10 minutes) for a DICOM file of 120 instances. We’re pretty sure that’s not normal.

So, we’re assuming Horos is not the guilty party yet.

After researching a little bit I found this in the Troubleshooting section, “If you experience slow DICOM transfers under GNU/Linux,…”, basically states there’s a bug and the solution is to provide some flag when building the code.

We are using the orthanc/plugin Docker image, and I can’t find any information on whether the image was built using the strategy above. So far, we know the plugin image was built from the vanilla orthanc image, but its Dockerfile just downloads an Orthanc executable (as far as I can see here).

My question is, did the Docker images for Orthanc were built with that flag, thus solving the issue of performance, and then solving our performance issues?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


Yes, the Docker images have run-time debug assertions turned off, and are statically linked against DCMTK. They should provide the best performance. The culprit is elsewhere.


Thank you very much Sébastien.

Great software!