Python configuration file

Good morning, I installed python (windows version 3.11, 64 bit, all users, adding to path). When I start orthanc explorer I can see the installed python plugin but I can’t find the related configuration file: I need to run this script
Could anyone point me where to find/insert the configuration file and where to put the script please?

Thank you very much!



In C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server\Configuration, you can create a new file python.json with this kind of content:

  "PythonScript": "C:\\Program Files\\Orthanc Server\\"




thank you.
I tried, my configuration file is
“Plugins” : [ “.” ],
“PythonScript” : "C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server\,
“PythonVerbose” : false

called “python.json”, into C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server\Configuration

But when I put this configuration file in the folder, I can’t be able to connect to localhost.

You must be kidding me !
Why don’t you just take the file I provided and replace “test” by “report” ?


  • “Plugins” is already present in another config file → it will fail
  • you miss a closing " → it will fail
  • you must double all \ → it will fail
  • in case it still does not work, check your logs
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Sorry Alain,

I followed both your indication (after correcting the syntax) and this one: Python plugin for Orthanc — Orthanc Book documentation, but the server fails in both cases.
I will check my logs!

Thanks for your patience!