Problems with Orthanc's INDEX files

I have Othanc installed on a dedicated server running under Windows Server 2012 and it works perfectly. The information saved on that server is done at night when no information is received in the PACS. The save system that is used is Cobian and it tells me that INDEX files can not be saved because they are in use at the time of saving. When I verify in the folder Orthanc every minute those files are modified (index file and index-wal file) however the size of the file remains the same, only the date and time of the file is modified every 1 minute. If it is reviewed in the Windows processes, both files are opened by Orthanc.

As additional information I have Orthanc installed on another server with identical characteristics and both files are only modified when they receive information during the day, so I have no problem when doing nightly backup.

Do you have any idea how to solve the problem?



What version do you have running on both systems ?
In 1.4.1, we have introduced a job engine that might save its state every now and then in the DB.

Hi Alan

Both servers have version 1.4.1 installed. A server occupies about 600gb with small images and the index file occupies about 100mb, the other server occupies about 500gb with heavier images and the index file takes about 1.5gb. Every 1 minute the index files are updated by Orthanc in both servers (although this is not getting information to the servers), when the Cobian save system is activated in the early morning it can save the index file of 100mb but tries to save for hours the 1.5gb until it fails.

Previously the servers had version 1.3.1 installed and had no problem with index files, just started to happen when I upgraded to version 1.4.1. Out of this detail both servers work excellent.

Thank you very much


Hi Alain

Additional information of the problem. The technician who operates the medical equipment told me that with the new version it takes a little more time to send images to the PACS, it could be that the Orthanc software is updating the index files and therefore delays the reception of the images. Out of these details the PACS works perfect.




The backup procedure is explained in the Orthanc Book:

If you use the SQLite database, you should stop Orthanc before doing the backup, then restart it after the backup is done.

In your case, I would highly suggest to switch to either PostgreSQL or MySQL index backend, and apply professional backup procedures.