Problem with configuration

I have problem with configuration. I install the newest version of Orthanc (1.7.2) from .exe.
I would like to creating own plugin but first I wanted to learn how to generate plugin, so I used orthancwebviewer ( the newest version of code in hg).I created .DLL file correct without any problems but I have this error:

I don’t know what is wrong. Why database is locked?
I tried with different version of Orthanc, but now I am using the same version (the newest). Could someone give my some advice how to fix it?

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Is it possible you have another application (like the sqlite browser application) which has the database open?


This indicates that another instance of Orthanc is already running.

You have most probably installed the Osimis installers, which adds a Windows service that automatically starts Orthanc:

You’ll have to edit the default configuration (by default, in "C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server\Configuration"), then restart the service.


Thank you very much!
That was it.

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