PostgreSQL exceptions after time

I posted this on bitbucket but it seems the issues there ain’t read:


Be sure that the bugs reported in the official bug tracker are read, but it takes time to take them into consideration by the development team.

Please also read the following recent announcement:

My first impression after reading your report is that this issue is not related to Orthanc, but rather to an inappropriate configuration of your PostgreSQL server. Check for instance this discussion:

Maybe someone in this discussion group has better knowledge of the system administration of PostgreSQL than me, and could give initial directions to help and resolve your problem.


As it turns out that was exactly what the problem is, enabled the keep alive every 120 seconds and now it works great.

Fine! Thanks for the feedback. Great to know your problem is now solved.

The issue is now closed:

I will add a notice on the Web site of the PostgreSQL plugin when I have time.