Postgres vs SQLite, is it faster

I have a Postgres DB setup on a windows VM local C drive with data going to Synology NAS. Will this be any faster to import data from an existing PACS system?

If you use PostgreSQL, the bottleneck will not be the database. Instead, the bottleneck will be in the network communications between the PACS and Orthanc, then between Orthanc and the Synology NAS.

Thanks Sébastien! We want to move several TB data from Candelis to Orthanc and experimented with a DICOM send from Candelis. 50 studies, (Ultrasound images with CINE), 26 GB, with Postgres and over 40GB with the SQLite DB. Not sure why the difference. But the transfer took 1 hour and 32 minutes so way to slow. We are on a GB network with Windows servers, so will do some research on finding any bottlenecks. I did see a post from Dec. 27,2020 from Daniel M. Drucker, Ph.D. It was recommended to use WEBDAV or Python which I do not understand, (not my area of expertise) so any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Terry

Hello again,

To me, it looks like at least one of the network interfaces in presence (either on the Candelis server, on the computer that runs Orthanc, or on your NAS server) works at 100Mb/s.

Indeed, transferring 40GB over a 100Mb/s interface would correspond in optimal conditions to about 1 hour, which is “close” to the 1h32 minute you mention.

You can learn about WebDAV and Python in the Orthanc Book:

Finally, consider getting in touch with one local freelancers, as I can’t provide any help regarding your network environment:

Thank you Sébastien!