Postgres and backup job?

Hi all,

I have an orthanc with a storage cap (50 pts) using the postgres backend. I noticed that as it approached the cap, it stopped receiving studies from our PACS and started generating lots of errors like this:

I0122 15:08:49.176110 JobsRegistry.cpp:295] Job backup is not supported for job of type: Archive

My understanding is that when Orthanc reaches its storage cap, it should start flushing the least recently used studies. Is that part of the backup job and might Postgres be interfering with that mechanism? Should I be using a secondary script to prune old studies? Or is this something else?


This is not an error message, but an information (notice the “I” at the beginning of the log) about the fact that you have called the “…/archive” or “/media” URIs, and that the corresponding job cannot be stored into the Orthanc database in order to be shared between successive executions of Orthanc. This information only shows if you run Orthanc in “–verbose” mode.

This message has nothing to do with the recycling of images:

Got it. Thanks for explaining.