PostgeSQL 9.5.0 / 9.5.1

Greetings, Am building Orthanc on UBUNTU 16.04, this installs PostgreSQL 9.5. However, the PostgeSQL plug-in downloads PostgreSQL 9.4.0 for building. Is there a way to switch the plug-in to the later version or does it actually matter?
I did a rough switch by modifying PostgreSQLConfiguration.cmake, but this causes many compilation errors. It does actually compile, but I did not test to see if it works.
James W.


The PostgreSQL client-server protocol has not changed since PostgreSQL 7.4 (it is at version 3.0) [1].

As a consequence, the PostgreSQL plugin for Orthanc will work as such against virtually any version of the current PostgreSQL servers, even though it is linked against libpq 9.4.0.