Patient names are encrypted?

Hi thanks for the help!

We just setup Orthanc for the first time and we connected it to receive studies. Everything is going great except the patient names all appear like ###5oC{wQ:C8. Is there something in configuration we need to change?

Thank you!!


This shouldn’t happen, there’s visibly something special with your DICOM files.

Would you mind sharing one sample DICOM file so that we can independently reproduce your issue?


Thank you for the help! I’ll email it to you personally


I have just had a look at the DICOM file you sent me, and here is what the standard command-line tool “dcm2xml” from DCMTK reports:

$ dcm2xml DX000000.dcm | grep ‘PatientName’

So, Orthanc is perfectly right. The problem lies in the configuration of your source modality, please get in touch with the support team of your vendor:

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Appreciate you taking a look! We’ll see what we can do on the sender side. Thank you!!