Paper Print


Has anyone used Orthanc as a Dicom Print Server?

If no, anyone has another opensource sugestion?

Thank you all!


Do you mean reciving a DICOM file for a dicom network and printing it out a regular printer ?

It could have a way to do this in OrthancToolsJS,
We can monitor recieved DICOMs and watch for secondary screen capture dicom (because printing original DICOM would require to choose / adjust the look up table and can’t be done automatically)
Then the front end of OrthancToolsJS would be able to generate a printing request which would require a user confirmation but could be disabled in the chrome browser ( to make the printing automatic each recieved file automatic.

It would also require to implement some security in case reciving a screen capture series of 200slice that will exhaust the printer device.

For now we don’t have bandwith to do this, however you can draft you needs, maybe one day we could implement this (or try it to implement it yourself in our code, in few months as our code base is still going to have major changes).

Best Regards,