Osimis Web Viewer prelease-1.1

Any idea when the new Osmis Web Viewer 1.1 might exit Alpha stage and be released? Since text and arrow annotations are only available on this version, and we are not keen to use the Alpha software on our Production release.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear plan for the release date. The web-viewer is just one of the projects I’m working on right now …
There are only a few remaining issues left in the backlog before we can start the validation. Hopefully, everything shall be complete within 1-2 month.

Hi Alain

Thank you, this is most helpful in terms of knowing the timeframe to be in the next few months, as my company was quite disappointed to learn that the annotations feature, which is much requested by clients, and formed a key reason for wanting to upgrade to the new viewer, was only available on the Alpha version.

This, however, was my over sight in terms of research.

Thanks again and good luck with all your projects.

No. We have received a few requests for this feature but, till now, we did not find anybody willing to fund it.